Every time I have a conversation with someone where I explore the depths of experience and future options that clear up and open up life and my direction, 
I say to myself, “the conversations (the direction-defining explorations) that I have in my own mind during my alone time need to be stepped up a notch to push my perspective and boundaries past where I think I can see.” 
If exploration is my goal in most moments, then I will tend to feel uncomfortable and have incredible opportunities to grow. 
If I do not conclude my character, I will be open and free. 
If my body of knowledge is in constant motion, I will consistently find insights and reason throughout my day. 
If I put all my energy into this uncomfortable, free, and undistracted focus of my experience to create an undying wisdom, I will develop love and respect for this life that surrounds me every day without ceasing its unrelenting force. 
This I would call satisfying. 
This I would call a life full of meaning.
The amazing insight is that this is actually possible for human beings.
We could do this everyday and be incredibly happy with our lives, our relationships, and our character all alone.
Every day we could be anxiously and tensely fighting for the distractingly desirable pleasure until we realize all hope to find true and passionate happiness is lost and our habit to blow our time away on entertainment is stitched into our addiction.
We choose. 
However, it’s truly never to late to explore. The only caveat is how much more time left do we have to explore in our life-span. 
There’s a lot of ifs in my dream above. Refer to John Lennon (below) for that:

About Kevin Carlstead

I graduated as a hospitality and psychology student at University of Denver. I spent most of my teenage and young adult years in the hospitality industry. I am still searching for what industry suits my personality and talents so that I can feel more meaning throughout my days. My current career pursuit has me enrolled in a graduate program to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. I love music with something to it. I love life with something to it. I have made it one of my purposes in this life to integrate both of these things that I love. This blog and my own songwriting has given me the platforms to do that very thing. Thank you for reading.
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