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Pop: The Artist’s Intention

The movie, ‘Love, Actually,’ opens with a scene of a sold-out pop musician in a recording studio. He is recording a “new hit single” and as he finishes singing on the chorus, he asks his manager through the microphone, “This … Continue reading

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Mental Addiction

From grade 8 at 15 years old, peaking sophomore year in high school at 17 years old, and slowly dwindling off and on till freshman year in college, I was a stoner: big hair, half-ass development in anything I tried, … Continue reading

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No satisfaction. Who are we anymore?

We grew up imitating our parents, older friends, people we see on TV, etc. We wanted to imitate their looks, what they say, what they do, etc. We then are able to see who we are on the outside and … Continue reading

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Startin off

Hey everyone, My name’s Kevin and I study music, not in school, but on my own. I organize, add, delete, and listen to every aspect of my music library. I listen and work on my understanding of the drums, bass, … Continue reading

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